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Effortless, Liberating, Beautiful...

Free From Harmful Chemicals.

Be fully informed & safe.

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Progressive Hair Repair

Not just a  quick fix!

We use only Brazilian Blow Dry products that are actually

good for your hair long term.

Top of the Range Products.

No cheap alternatives...

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Prices start from £120.00


 Are you a regular Cut & Colour Client at Purity?

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We often have fantastic offers & always have a great  Client Referral Rewards Scheme.


Based at:

Purity Hair & Beauty Salon

569 Whitehall Road

New Farnley

Leeds, LS12 5QP

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Maintain Volume - Loose The Frizz

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Cut up to 75% off your Styling Time

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Finally Win The Humidity Battle!

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Hollywood's A-listers rave about it & now you too can have it...

A perfect silky smooth professional blow dry every day of the week for up to 16 weeks from just 1 treatment.

We are based at Purity Hair & Beauty in Leeds & we are offering what we feel are the best Brazilian Blow Dry products & services the industry has to offer,... the Original Brazilian Blow Out. Our fully trained staff will ensure that you get the best possible results from your Service...

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At Purity we are offering what we feel are the Industries  best products...

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The Original Brazilian BlowOut


... Don't settle for 2nd best!

The Formaldehyde Debate...


Let's Face it... It would be grossly unethical for us not to address this issue for the safety of both our staff & Customers... so here it is... slap bang in the middle of our Home page...


You don't have to do much research on the Web to come across varying reports about Brazilian Blow Dry's... Many about the amazing results & also many about scares & concerns relating to a very harmeful carcinogenic chemical called Formaldehyde... The fact is that many of these solutions do contain high levels of this harmful chemical.



...So what about our products...

  • Brazilian Blow Out Original - Solution is 100% free from Formaldehyde & emits up to 0.0002%Formaldehyde gas during application & when heated throughout the service which is 10,000, (Ten Thousand) times LESS than the legal limit for safe use. In October 2011 this soloution passed 24/24 safety tests performed by Federal Health & Safety Agencies in the USA

  • Brazilian Blow Out Zero - Solution is 100% free from Formaldehyde & emits 0% Formaldehyde gas during application & when heated throughout the service.

As an added safety measure we have installed a commercial grade air extraction system in our Salon which is used throughout the treatments. We will continue to make choices & give you the most up to date & reliable information from both our Suppliers, Health & Safety governing bodies & professionals within the Scientific community... there is further information, copies of testing reports, Company Statements & reactions to press reports on the individual product pages of our website.... Please be safe & informed & have a read...


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Customer Choice...

We believe that the products we have chosen give our Customers a fantastic choice so both they & their Stylist can make an informed decision that best suits them & their hair type.


Our products have been scientifically proven to be of great benefit to the health of your hair no matter how damaged it is prior to the treatment.


These products DO NOT cause hair damage... the only consideration your Stylist needs to make is whether you hair in its current condition can withstand the temperature of the straightening irons... if that is questionable we can tailor the treatment accordingly.


The great news is that this is a progressive repairing treatment so each time you have a treatment your hair is in even better condition than before!