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Maintain Volume - Loose The Frizz

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Cut up to 75% off your Styling Time

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Finally Win The Humidity Battle!

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Brazilian Blow Out in the Press...

25th Oct 2011 - Brazilian Blowout Passes 24 out of 24 US Federal Safety Tests!!!

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9th Nov 2011 -  USC Chemistry Professor Confirms Brazilian Blowout Poses No Exposure Risk

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Sept 2011 - Brazilian Blow Out Statement - Working with FDA
Making great progress with FDA (Food & Drug Administration Authority) in USA to help clear up controversy. The head of OSHA ( USA's Occupational Safety & Health Administration) has publicaly announced that statements made by the FDA were incorrect. A further more detailed statement coming shortly.


24th Aug2011 - Letter From Brazilian Blow Out CEO

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July 2011 - EU Free Sales Authorisation

Brazilian Blow Out receives EU free sales certificate authorising sale & distribution of Original Formula soloution in UK.

May 2011 - Brazilian Blow Out now working directly with the FDA (Food & Drug Administration Authority) in USA to help clear up controversy.

In our continued effort to clear up misinformation about the Brazilian Blowout, we are delighted to be working with the FDA in demonstrating that the Brazilian Blowout complies with both state and federal guidelines. Rest assured we will continue to provide you, our loyal customers, with the latest information as it becomes available. You can continue to confidently offer the Brazilian Blowout treatment to your customers with the knowledge that Brazilian Blowout falls well below the stringent standards set forth by OSHA.

10th Oct 2010 - A MUST READ The Hair Smoothing Controversy & Formaldehyde

Doug Schoon an internationally renowned scientist speaks out & dispells the myths about Formaldehyde content in the BBO formula.

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8th Oct 2010 - BBO Statement

"OSHA's Testing methods Proven Faulty"

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5th Oct 2010 - BBO Statement

"No Formaldehyde - Test Results Released"

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