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Progressive Hair Repair

Not just a  quick fix!

We use only Brazilian Blow Dry products that are actually

good for your hair long term.

Top of the Range Products.

No cheap alternatives...

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Prices start from £120.00


 Are you a regular Cut & Colour Client at Purity?

... receive an amazing £40 off your BlowOut!!


We often have fantastic offers & always have a great  Client Referral Rewards Scheme.


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Maintain Volume - Loose The Frizz

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Cut up to 75% off your Styling Time

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Finally Win The Humidity Battle!

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The Process...

The full process form start to finish can take anything from 2-3 hours depending on your hair type & desired result...

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Before, our model has naturally curly hair that requires straightening every day. She also has some highlights scattered throughout.

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Shampoo & treat hair to gently cleanse with Pre-Treatment Shampoo to open up the hair shaft and soften the hair in readiness for the treatment.

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The Soloution  is then applied to your hair.

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We then blow dry the treatment into your hair.


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Hair is straightened with irons up to 8 times on each section to acheive the desired look.


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Hair is then given one final shampoo condition.

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Hair is then blow dried & straightened once again.

The finished result is beautifully same day conditioned, healthy and shiny, straight hair, which can be kept salon perfect by the client for up to four months.